Interpreting services

As a rule, a day rate is charged for assignments of more than three hours duration. In the case of shorter assignments, half a day rate is charged. The day rate is calculated depending on type and total duration of the assignment.

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Prices for translations vary depending on complexity and length of the text, for the translation of a complex professional article, a patent or a contract requires more effort and research than the translation of a standard business letter for example.

The price is calculated on the basis of a standard line (55 characters including blanks) of the target text; in some exceptional cases, an hourly rate applies.

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Additional information

In Germany, the job titles of “translator” and “interpreter” are not legally protected, thus the profession can be pursued even without professional qualification or accreditation.

A sophisticated translation or a top level interpretation, however, require more than just the command of two languages; a professional education is the basis for high-quality translation/interpretation. This should be kept in mind when comparing price offers.

The membership in professional associations of translators and interpreters (BDÜ/VKD, ITI), accreditations as certified translator/interpreter as well as academic titles (BA/MA in Translation/Interpreting) are an additional guarantee for quality.