Depending on the type of event, I provide the following interpreting services:

  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Chuchotage (whisper interpreting)
  • Consecutive interpreting

I offer individual consultation services for every client, providing expert support with the preparation for your event, to ensure that it runs smoothly.

What kind of interpreting is best suited for your event? How many interpreters do you need? Where can you get the necessary technical equipment from?

If required, I can assemble a team of qualified conference interpreters for you (assignments of more than 90 minutes duration usually require two interpreters).

Important information for my clients:

Every interpreting assignment requires thorough preparation, both linguistic and technical.
Apart from specifics on time and place, the following information is essential for the interpreter:

  • Number of listeners and their linguistic origin
  • On-site technical equipment (booth, interpretation equipment, tour guide system, etc.)
  • Subject/topic of event

Material such as speech manuscripts, glossaries and other documents must be made available to the interpreter for preparation, in due time, in order to ensure optimal interpretation.

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